Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Art of Doing Nothing...

Injury Report! One week ago today, I took the big doggy out to let her run off the leash.  She likes to play her own version of "Chicken" where the human always loses. I usually jump out of her way, but, on this day, I didn't move fast enough.  I tried to step to the side and she collided with me, completely knocking me off of my feet, my ankle twisting in the process. So, once again, I am on a running hiatus.
The damage... last Sunday
On Monday, laying her head on my ankle.
I'm pretty sure it's sprained, but I didn't get it checked out. The swelling has gone down, but it's still sore and painful.  It's also bruised.  I've been icing it... when I remember, resting it.... when I'm at home, and elevating it... when I'm sitting or laying down.  When I'm at work, I do wear my ankle brace. The swelling had decreased by Tuesday evening, so I tried going without the brace on Wednesday and Thursday.  That was stupid. It just swelled up again and became painful to walk on. So, basically, it's going to take forever to heal. Oops. 
Thursday evening
I decided to rest and ice as much as possible this weekend.  And, I've done a pretty good job.  Here is how I spent my weekend:

Yesterday I did laundry and watched TV.  I also played with the little doggy. She loves to lick/give kisses, chew on things, run, jump, growl... Last night she was licking my [clean] fingers and I was taking pics to see if I could get a cute one of her with her tongue out.  I got this one and thought it was hilarious:
Finger-lickin' gooood.
The hubby bought her a tennis ball. This is what was left after 1 hour with the Boston Terrorizer:
The Boston Terrorizer strikes again.
I felt guilty about not doing any sort of workout this week, so I did do some floor work that didn't require me to put weight on my ankle. To kill more time, I looked up photography tips and ways to take better pics. I found out how to make a light box and how to take "studio quality" photos at home by making a reflective card.  (I plan on doing both of these things one day.)
Today, I wasted more time on Pinterest. :) I spend way too much time on that site. The hubby is actually trying out a recipe I found on Pinterest right now.  It's from a blog called Marie's Cooking Adventures and it's her recipe for "The Best Pot Roast Ever"
And this, folks, is how you do nothing [productive].. for two days straight! (At least I included some cute pics of the doggies!)

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  1. Oh Courtney! I do hope it heals soon! You probably do want to get it checked out. :( I'll be praying for you.