Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It Isn't Broken!

Update! It's been 4 whole weeks (+ 2 days) since that unfortunate encounter with the dog, in which I became a... couch potato. (Ugh I feel like a slob! I want to just go out and run!! I'm so afraid of injuring my ankle even more, though.)  I figured this has gone on long enough and I should get it checked out. I know, you're thinking, Duh. What really made me give in though was the fact that it's been this long (4 weeks + 2 days, you didn't forget already, did you? :)) and it's really sore at the end of particularly long days, painful to the touch, and still slightly swollen. And, a physical therapist that I work with said it could be a stress fracture.  Fortunately, the x-ray showed no fracture. The physician's assistant said it's most likely a bad sprain, recommended I see an orthopedist, get an MRI, and consider getting physical therapy. I told her that I had "weaned" myself off wearing the ankle brace at work.  She told me I should start wearing it again, but I am probably one of the most non-compliant patients ever.  When I sprained my ankle in high school, I was back on the volleyball court way too soon. When my knees were hurting, I was told to do the stationary bike instead of running, but I just found the bike so boring. RICE? Yes, I know what the acronym stands for, but that doesn't apply to MY injuries, right? I don't want to risk it this time, so I'll probably go see the orthopedist, as she recommended, and get the MRI.  As my buddy Sarah said to me last night, "It's your foot, you're gonna need it for a few more years."
Look at that cute pup! And check out my "summertime" nail color :)