Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crap-tastic Run

Today's run goes on my list of the worst runs I've had (Ok, so the combination of the word "runs" and the title of this post made me think of the bathroom... sorry, I can't think of another word. I guess workout, but it doesn't really fit. Just go with it! lol). It all started the other day when I downloaded an app for mapping my route as I run (Mapmyroute.com's free app is available on iTunes) to Chris' iPod touch (I have a nano, so no internet nor apps). It's not the newest version, so it needs access to a wireless network to work. I did not know this when I downloaded the app. So, when I got home today, I thought, "I can't wait to use this app! I'll download my running playlist and go!" But the app said, "Not so fast, Courtney!" You have to have a login for the website in order to access the app's full potential. So, I tried to create an account through the app. When that failed, I created my account online via computer. An hour later, I was able to access the app through the iPod and my new account- Yay!.... Hah. This is when Chris pointed out to me that the iPod probably needs to be connected to the wireless network for the app to work. I thought I'd try it anyway because I'd worked for an hour at it.
Before I left, Chris asked me to take the doggies out. They did their business and, as we were walking back, 2 ladies were walking a dog across the street. Naturally, our big doggy started barking her head off, at which point, little doggy darts off, rips the leash out of my hand and tries to jump the fence. (The fence has been bent down in one spot where people climb over it as a short-cut out of the apartment complex.) I'm running after her, trying to catch the retractable leash and trying to control the other dog. So, little doggy's leash gets stuck in the fence (which I am so grateful for!) and big doggy then tries to jump the fence too. Little doggy gets caught in brush, big doggy continues going nuts, Courtney is fuming. And to make it worse, one of the ladies started walking over to me asking me if I needed help. Ugh, no, thank you.
I'm finally ready for my run (recap: an hour spent trying to set up the iPod and a disastrous dog walk).  Oh, and I have no arm band for Chris' iPod, so I am destined to be tangled in the headphone cords (which I hate, see 5 Tips for a Better Run). I did my best. I could not get the app to work, except for the timer. Thus, I gave up on it, which made me even more upset because I could've just ran with my nano. :( Here's where it gets good... I'm running, finally, getting out of my funk when something wet hits me on the cheek. I'm thinking, "That's odd... it's not raining..." So, I used my sleeve to wipe my face. Lo and behold, a bird... has pooped... on my face. Mind you, I am only halfway through my 2.5 mi run (I decided not to go the full 5 mi after the miserable start). The entire remainder of the run, I am wiping my face, feeling my hair, checking the front of my shirt, sure there is bird poop down the back of my shirt. It was such a small amount that I was sure there was more somewhere on me. I wanted to stop and ask everyone I passed to check for me. It was the worst paranoia. I got home and what does Chris do? Laugh and say "It's good luck!" Thanks, dear.
Bird poop wiped on shirt
Moral of the story? I don't know.... everybody has bad days?
Other bad running days:
Running in a thunderstorm (skies opened up as I was on my way home)
Tripping over a crack and falling on my face (two different times, same crack)
Running with the dog after not running with her for a couple of weeks
I'm sure the list will just get longer, but I'm going to keep on keeping on :)


  1. Keep going, Courtney! You'll pile up lots of stories, I'm sure, but they're worth it. :)

    I must say, I love your honesty and humor - made my night!

  2. Aww Courtney! Some runs you'll feel like crap and other runs apparently you'll run into crap. But there will be many more good runs than bad! :D Keep it up!